Hair Extensions

I first learned how to put in Keratip extensions in 2001 while working in Paris. The salon I worked for, 32 Rue Montorgueil, began a service called “Comme au Cinema” or, “Like in the Movies”.

The owner, Mr. John Nollet, who works on many films, stars and production people from French cinema and around the world wanted to do extensions in the style of ”Haute Couture”. That is to say a very refined and ultra natural appearance. Haute Couture fashions are made to measure and are generally embroidered and embellished by hand.

As you can imagine the system used only the finest European hair bought from the cinema wig makers. It was hand mixed for color, expertly cut and always finished with some touch of color to fine tune the whole look.

I have brought that training with me and apply it to several methods of extensions application. Each method has it’s advantages and drawbacks based on the client’s natural texture and volume, the desired result and budget.

All perspective extension clients receive a free consultation, at which time it will be decided which method best serves the client and an estimate for the project.

Contact me by phone or email to book a free, half-hour consultation.

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