Hair Color


It is not so much a question of Brunette, Blonde or Red, but rather, WHICH Brunette, Blonde or Red.

The most important factors for me are finding the correct tone to compliment a client’s complexion and maintaining the most natural effects. I never rule out extreme color changes but always insure that they will match a client’s personality and life style. Remember the further away from your natural color you travel, the greater the need for more frequent maintenance!

For new clients I use the “Draping Method“, which consists of using squares of colored fabrics to see which colors blend and harmonize.  The wrong color can significantly alter a client’s complexion for the worse, bringing out dark eye circles, differences in skin tone, sallowness and amplify every fine line and wrinkle. The correct color base gives a smoothing and blending effect, often resulting in a younger, more vibrant appearance.

My hair coloring philosophy is mainly based on my training in France, at the L’OREAL Professional Academy, and my time working with one of France’s top hair designers, Mr. John Nollet. From L’Oreal, I learned a deeper level of technical knowledge and skill. From Mr. Nollet, who has a superb sense of the sublime, I learned many ways to create beautiful & natural color effects while working with some of the France’s top actresses, including Monica Bellucci, Fanny Ardant, Ludivine Sagnier  Rosy de Palma and Allesandra Martines.

I also have extensive experience in custom color matching and blending of extensions.

Call for a consultation, and we’ll get you the perfect new color, or recreate a favorite.

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