Bridal Styling

One of my favorite ways of practicing my craft is working with Brides to be. I have such a great time helping a Bride find and perfect her look for the big day.

My first question is always  “Have you chosen your dress? EVERYTHING about her look must be designed around the dress. I show her ways to style the hair that add balance, refinement and exhibit her beauty, while respecting her personal preferences .

While living in Paris it was not uncommon for me to spend an afternoon or, on occasion, an entire day with a Bride at the world famous Porte de Clingancourte flea market. The mission: to find the raw materials to create one of a kind accessories for her hair. I might ask her to bring a sample of the lace from her dress or perhaps an old photo of her mother or grandmother’s wedding if she wished to pay homage. I have even created accessories from hair for brides, one of which was a medieval head piece covered in Swarovski crystals to accentuate her Renaissance themed wedding in a castle.

I always tell my Brides two things;

1) When a Bride tells me she wants to look just the same as any other day I reply, “Your husband is going to have the rest of your lives together to see you as you look every day, try something at least a little bit outside the box for your wedding.”

and 2) “In Twenty years, I want you to look at the photos from your wedding day and remember that you had a hand in creating the look.”

It’s not just about  buying some mass produced wedding accessory and plopping it on your head! Anything can be worked into a Bride’s vision of her special day!

My basic wedding package consists of an initial consultation for the Bride plus One, a tryout session for each and the styling on the day of the event. The basic package is in salon only. Any other needed arrangements are on a case by case basis. If I need to travel the day rate for the basic package  is $1000.00 including the tryouts at the salon. Any additional travel days are 500.00 per day and will include all travel expenses and hotel fees.

The day of the wedding I give a discounted rate for any add-on clients such as Bridesmaids or other family members and friends.

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